Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mega Mesh Screen Door by Easy Install

 photo mmsd_zps60654257.jpg#1 Premium Latest Design Magnetic Screen Door Mega Mesh By Easy Install - Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee - Retractable Door Closes Like Magic - Super Fine Mesh So No Bug Or Mosquito - Instant Setup - Walk Through Curtain Hands Free - Hangs Off Door Frame With Super Strong Velcro
by Easy Install

MADE OF PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS - MegaMesh Premium Magnetic Screen Door by Easy Install uses the strongest materials and a superior manufacturing process.

EASY TO INSTALL & REMOVE - No tools required. SIZE 36"x83" - FITS DOOR UP TO 34"x82" MAX. Our magnetic screen door is easy to install on various surfaces.

IDEAL FOR PET OWNERS - Pets will learn to use the magnetic screen door in minutes, so no getting up and down to let them in and out.

OPENS AND CLOSES WITH EASE #1 MegaMesh uses 26 strong magnetic points of contact so it opens and closes automatically

100% 'BUG FREE' SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We are so confident in MegaMesh we offer a no questions asked 12 month money back guarantee.

 photo IMG_20140910_171952_zpsfd5486c0.jpg

 So farI'm loving my mesh magnetic screen door. The set up was very easy and simple. I'm having no problems with bugs coming in. Also Mega Mesh is tough and durable enough if you have kids who constantly runs in and out (like mine). My mesh is getting the workout of it's life.I just love that i can leave my door open and not worry about creepy crawlers/winged buggie bugs coming in.Finally I can enjoy some fresh air and save some moola by turning my unit off on those cooler days.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Drew Daywalt/ The Day The Crayons Quit

 photo thedaythecrayonsquit_zpsdf10ceb0.jpg

My son checked this book out at our local county library. An let me tell you this was the cutest book ever. As a parent I highly advise for you to buy or check it out for your youngsters. Never would I imagine a book about crayons be as awesome as this book,colorful yes. I feel sorry for poor little Duncan, his crayons get downright demanding and to the point about what's troubling them. They each have their own colorful fun story to tell. I don't know which one was the funniest,craziest or the best all around. Below is a video of my son talking about The Day The Crayon

Insta Natural Superior Hydration Argan Oil Hair Mask

 photo arganoilmask_zps7e9b33e6.jpg

PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Our Argan Oil Hair Mask contains a superior collection of high-quality natural and organic ingredients - such as Argan Oil, Amino Acid Complex, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin B5, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil and more - that work together to moisturize and nurture hair. REPAIRS DAMAGED HAIR: This deep conditioning treatment permeates the follicles to deliver ultimate nourishment and hydration. Limp and lifeless hair can be transformed in as little as 15 minutes. GET SOFT & SHINY STRANDS: Our complex formula is designed to restore health to damaged strands to enhance texture and shine. The result? Softer, shinier, more manageable hair. STRENGTHENS & PROTECTS HAIR: This nourishing blend of ingredients creates stronger hair that protects it from excessive heat and styling. Obtain healthy, youthful hair, even with blow drying, straightening and curling. MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE: Insta Natural backs their products with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee, no matter where you buy our product. If you're not satisfied, simply contact us and get a full refund.

Since my hair is long I decided to use Argan Oil Hair Mask as a leave in treatment. My hair could use all conditioning it can get. Results: I absolutely love this product not only did it make my hair smooth and shiny,it also made it soft. Also the fragrance smells like cocoa butter. One day my sister came over and I had my hair down (normally i'll have it in ponytail/bob) she like somethings different. Did you do something to your hair?  It looks more bouncy and got more ummfff to it. I told her that I'm testing this product for Tomoson to Review Intsa Natural Argan Oil Hair Mask. She's like hook me up sister. Needless to say she had to test out my Insta Natural Hair Mask. She better be glad she my sister and I love

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Yellow Beaks (Window) Bird Feeder

 photo Image2_zps5612ebf4.jpg

What do 51.3 million Americans have in common? The answer is, they've listed bird watching as their favored hobby! Precisely because of that, Yellow Beaks is proud to announce the arrival of Yellow Beaks Clear Window Bird Feeder that produces unobtrusive view of wild birds, right from the comfort of you own home, office, or nursing facilities. The birds literally come to you, for you to observe their beautiful unique markings, as well as letting you study their behavior and feeding habits. Once you fill up the Yellow Beaks bird feeder with seeds, just sit back and let the birds find their new favorite hangout!

 Benefits of Yellow Beaks Window Bird Feeder:

 - Mounts to any window surface securely 
 - Comes with 3 strong suction cups that will not come undone in any weather conditions. 
 - Seamless design that requires no assembly.
 - Crystal clear design 
 - Watch the birds peck away from different angles, without any obstruction.
 - Easy to clean 
- Our keyhole design requires no removal of suction cups whenever you wish to clean the feeder.
 - Squirrel-proof - Mount the feeder higher, away from trees, branches, and fences. The slanted top design       prevents squirrel from easy landing on the roof. 
- Comes with perch that birds love 
- Perch keeps the birds staying around longer, which means more time for you to study their markings.
 - Great entertainment for your cat 
- Cats love to sit and stare at birds, like their Nature's Channel. 

Product Details: 
Dimensions: 9.6 x 5.9 x 6.6 inches
Weight: 1 pound
Accessories: 3 suction cups

I wished I could have shared some photos of birds using my feeder. For some some reason there not using none of the feeders. I have 2 feeders that I used for years,still in same spots that  the birds used to go to. An now they want even go to them. So I'm thinking about moving the bird feeders around hoping that this might help. Anyways back on track here, Yellow Beak has cleared up issues I thought might be a problem. For starters the suction cups, I didn't believe that 3 suction cups would hold the feeder up well not for very long anyways. You know how most suction products don't work, well not to worry after trying this I may not have any birds and it sure not from the window feeder falling  Also I was worried about if it rained the bird food would get wet and be a soggy mess. Well yet again no worries, as you can see in the photos I posted it's raining and feeder is getting soaking wet but the bird food is still dry as a daisy.

 photo 0908141118_zps0dbea391.jpg

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Monday, September 8, 2014

The Victoria Chart Company (MY CREDIT CHART)

 photo mcc2_zps75886274.jpg
My Credit Reward Chart: The Victoria Chart Company Supporting Children from the age of 7 years.

From seven years of age children start to become more socially aware and thinks about the world around them. However this can impact on their self-esteem, lead to self-criticism and, for some children, prove to be an unsettling time. Our Credit Chart provides the perfect opportunity for independent decision-making, encourage motivation and building self confidence.

 photo mcc1_zpsfb636eec.jpgEach pack contains:
• A Large Wall Chart (11 inches wide by 17 inches high) a focal point to monitor progress.
• The chart covers the following activities: dressed myself, washed and brushed my teeth, eaten a healthy breakfast, eaten fruit, eaten vegetables, drunk plenty of water, tidied my bedroom, helped around the house, done my homework, done something active and been kind and thoughtful. Plus two spaces for you to fill in.
• Children then have the responsibility of putting a checkmark in the box with the dry-erase marker on completion of an activity. Each day total up the checkmarks and use them towards the various rewards. Ultimately aiming to improve credit scores week on week.
 • A Supportive Information Sheet with a working example, tips and guidelines to help you and your child get the best results from your chart.
• Sticky mounting pads and a dry erase pen.

 photo Image3_zpse00bd47c.jpgThis is a nifty little creation to help out not only children but I think It helps us parents as well. Esp when our youngsters first start school. This chart helps both the parent and child to stay on task each day. An boy do I need that. I'll forget my head if it wasn't attached. lol  Only thing I really didn't like about My Credit Chart is I would have preferred a blank chart. That way as my child grew I could change tasks as needed. No Problem, if you know me you know I'll improvise in which I did. lol... Since I have 2 kids around the same age and only one chart, besides putting check marks they put first letter of there name on tasks they do. Also besides giving daily rewards we do weekly. For Bronze Reward 6 initials in a week extra tv time. Silver Reward 9 initials stay up later on weekend. Gold Reward 12 initials cash or toy of equal value.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014


Support Us TOO International with Wearever Purchases this September! A portion of proceeds from select sales of Wearever undergarments will benefit prostate cancer nonprofit Us TOO International this September. Wearever is partnering with Us TOO International to raise money in support of prostate cancer awareness, education and support networks for patients and their families. September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Throughout the month of September, 10 percent of proceeds from the Wearever men's underwear line will be donated back to Us TOO International. This includes all sizes, styles, colors and purchases in singles, three-packs and six-packs from the Wearever Men's Incontinence Underwear line. To learn more and purchase products to support Us TOO International, visit
 photo wearever_zpsf9642a5a.jpgEver have embarrassing leakage moments or accidents? Do you leak a little when you laugh or sneeze? Stay comfortable and feel confident and protected with Wearever Women's and Men's Underwear solutions!
Wearever Women's and Men's Underwear: Choose Wearever Underwear for maximum protection and reusability. Our selection of absorbent male and female undergarments feature sewn-in Unique-Dri™ pads that trap liquid and are treated with odor reducing Agion™ antimicrobial fibers. Whether you have minor leaks or major ones, these underwear help you feel protected and comfortable. Most importantly, these underwear help maintain your dignity since they look and feel just like traditional underwear! Say goodbye to disposable adult diapers and pads once and for all. Wearever offers a variety of styles to meet every preference and come with light, moderate and heavy absorbency options depending on what you need. They are also more environmentally friendly contributing zero waste per year compared to more than 1,100 to 1,500 adult diapers sent to landfills per person. They're also less expensive, saving the average user about $500 a year over the cost for disposables since you can wash and re-use Wearever products hundreds of times. What are you waiting for? Make the switch today!

"I couldn't believe how great this product works. Not only does it help with leakage protection and odor,it also helps with woman's monthly. I love the way Wearever feels there very comfortable like part of my own skin. Wearever fits better than regular underwear and you can still look/ feel sexy and still have style. So you don't have to feel embarrassed ever again about leakage problems and odors. Enter Below for your chance to win a pair of Wearever."

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tick Tock (Book 2 of Shakespeare Mysteries) J Robert Kennedy

 photo ticktock_zpsba12ca47.jpg
Crime Scene tech Frank Brata digs deep and finds the courage to ask his colleague, Sarah, out for coffee after work. Their good time turns into a nightmare when Frank wakes up the next morning covered in blood, with no recollection of what happened, and Sarah's body floating in the tub. Determined not to go to prison for a crime he's horrified he may have committed, he scrubs the crime scene clean, and, tormented by text messages from the real killer, begins a race against the clock to solve the murder before his own co-workers, his own friends, solve it first, and find him guilty. Billionaire Richard Tate is the toast of the town, loved by everyone but his wife. His plans for a romantic weekend with his mistress ends in disaster, waking the next morning to find her murdered, floating in the tub. After fleeing in a panic, he returns to find the hotel room spotless, and no sign of the body. An envelope found at the scene contains not the expected blackmail note, but something far more sinister. Two murders, with the same MO, targeting both the average working man, and the richest of society, sets a rejuvenated Detective Shakespeare, and his new reluctant partner, Amber Trace, after a murderer whose motivations are a mystery, and who appears to be aided by the very people they would least expect--their own. Tick Tock, Book #2 in the internationally bestselling Detective Shakespeare Mysteries series, picks up right where Depraved Difference left off, and asks a simple question: What would you do? What would you do if you couldn't prove your innocence, but knew you weren't capable of murder? Would you hide the very evidence that might clear you, or would you turn yourself in and trust the system to work?

Tick Tock book 2 of Shakespeare Mysteries Series was also a good read by author J Robert Kennedy but in my opinion not as good as Depraved Difference.  Don't get me wrong I liked Tick Tock and I do recommend reading it. Maybe it's because I'm still sulking over Detective Eldridge in Depraved Difference. Tech geek Frank has really shocked me to the core in Tick Tock. Not once did I believe Frank was a murder but you never know. I never thought that of Eldridge either. Could you really imagine waking up and finding a dead body in your bathtub? Really what would you do?
 photo tc_zps4beee802.jpg
No More Time On The Clock