Friday, August 22, 2014

Seventh Night - Iscah

                        Seventh Night

                            By Iscah

 photo sevn_zpsd11aa285.jpgOnce, a boy fell in love with a girl not long before a princess married a charming prince, and if the boy had been the prince or the girl had not been the princess, this might have been a simple fairy tale romance. But he wasn't, and she was. So things were complicated. And then there were the bandits and the poison and the kidnapping and the secrets and the betrayal and the monsters and the magic, the journey across the desert and the journey across the sea, and of course that tax issue. In a land where unicorns are commonplace, life can start resembling a storybook. Everyone wants a happily ever after, but sometimes true love requires sacrifices...

First let me thank Iscah for lending me Seventh Night to write an honest review on. This was a totally awesome book and I had a hard time putting it down. Seventh Night has a bit of everything in it from your fairytale characters  (Prince,Princess,Witches and Wizards) to your mystical creatures (Unicorns,Pegues) and your non mystical creatures such as Cyclops and Two headed sea monsters. Even though this is an Fantasy novel, it was quite uncanny. In fairytales you think of happy endings/ever afters well happy anything and everything rite. Wrong, Seventh Night does have your all time romance smoochy smooch parts but it's also full of lies,deceit,deception and betrayal.

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