Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tick Tock (Book 2 of Shakespeare Mysteries) J Robert Kennedy

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Crime Scene tech Frank Brata digs deep and finds the courage to ask his colleague, Sarah, out for coffee after work. Their good time turns into a nightmare when Frank wakes up the next morning covered in blood, with no recollection of what happened, and Sarah's body floating in the tub. Determined not to go to prison for a crime he's horrified he may have committed, he scrubs the crime scene clean, and, tormented by text messages from the real killer, begins a race against the clock to solve the murder before his own co-workers, his own friends, solve it first, and find him guilty. Billionaire Richard Tate is the toast of the town, loved by everyone but his wife. His plans for a romantic weekend with his mistress ends in disaster, waking the next morning to find her murdered, floating in the tub. After fleeing in a panic, he returns to find the hotel room spotless, and no sign of the body. An envelope found at the scene contains not the expected blackmail note, but something far more sinister. Two murders, with the same MO, targeting both the average working man, and the richest of society, sets a rejuvenated Detective Shakespeare, and his new reluctant partner, Amber Trace, after a murderer whose motivations are a mystery, and who appears to be aided by the very people they would least expect--their own. Tick Tock, Book #2 in the internationally bestselling Detective Shakespeare Mysteries series, picks up right where Depraved Difference left off, and asks a simple question: What would you do? What would you do if you couldn't prove your innocence, but knew you weren't capable of murder? Would you hide the very evidence that might clear you, or would you turn yourself in and trust the system to work?

Tick Tock book 2 of Shakespeare Mysteries Series was also a good read by author J Robert Kennedy but in my opinion not as good as Depraved Difference.  Don't get me wrong I liked Tick Tock and I do recommend reading it. Maybe it's because I'm still sulking over Detective Eldridge in Depraved Difference. Tech geek Frank has really shocked me to the core in Tick Tock. Not once did I believe Frank was a murder but you never know. I never thought that of Eldridge either. Could you really imagine waking up and finding a dead body in your bathtub? Really what would you do?
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No More Time On The Clock

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