Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Yellow Beaks (Window) Bird Feeder

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What do 51.3 million Americans have in common? The answer is, they've listed bird watching as their favored hobby! Precisely because of that, Yellow Beaks is proud to announce the arrival of Yellow Beaks Clear Window Bird Feeder that produces unobtrusive view of wild birds, right from the comfort of you own home, office, or nursing facilities. The birds literally come to you, for you to observe their beautiful unique markings, as well as letting you study their behavior and feeding habits. Once you fill up the Yellow Beaks bird feeder with seeds, just sit back and let the birds find their new favorite hangout!

 Benefits of Yellow Beaks Window Bird Feeder:

 - Mounts to any window surface securely 
 - Comes with 3 strong suction cups that will not come undone in any weather conditions. 
 - Seamless design that requires no assembly.
 - Crystal clear design 
 - Watch the birds peck away from different angles, without any obstruction.
 - Easy to clean 
- Our keyhole design requires no removal of suction cups whenever you wish to clean the feeder.
 - Squirrel-proof - Mount the feeder higher, away from trees, branches, and fences. The slanted top design       prevents squirrel from easy landing on the roof. 
- Comes with perch that birds love 
- Perch keeps the birds staying around longer, which means more time for you to study their markings.
 - Great entertainment for your cat 
- Cats love to sit and stare at birds, like their Nature's Channel. 

Product Details: 
Dimensions: 9.6 x 5.9 x 6.6 inches
Weight: 1 pound
Accessories: 3 suction cups

I wished I could have shared some photos of birds using my feeder. For some some reason there not using none of the feeders. I have 2 feeders that I used for years,still in same spots that  the birds used to go to. An now they want even go to them. So I'm thinking about moving the bird feeders around hoping that this might help. Anyways back on track here, Yellow Beak has cleared up issues I thought might be a problem. For starters the suction cups, I didn't believe that 3 suction cups would hold the feeder up well not for very long anyways. You know how most suction products don't work, well not to worry after trying this I may not have any birds and it sure not from the window feeder falling down.lol  Also I was worried about if it rained the bird food would get wet and be a soggy mess. Well yet again no worries, as you can see in the photos I posted it's raining and feeder is getting soaking wet but the bird food is still dry as a daisy.

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